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Wearing your baby in a front carrier helps improve baby’s development." Dr. Amanda weiss Kelly Pediatric Sports Medicine & mom of Nora and Andrew

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BabyBjörn baby carriers are developed in collaboration with top medical experts and pediatricians, ensuring that they are ergonomically safe and developmentally beneficial to your baby. Rigorous testing also guarantees that BabyBjörn baby carriers meet a baby’s unique physical needs. Our soft structured carriers are designed to hold your baby’s hips, legs and spine in the same position as when you carry your baby upright in your arms.

We know there is a lot of misinformation about the safety of front-facing carriers. The claim that baby carriers can cause hip dysplasia, spine or genital damage is based on rumors and not on medical facts or evidence. Baby carriers are not only safe, but highly recommended by leading pediatricians as an important tool to help promote bonding and closeness with your newborn.

It is especially important to carry your infant from birth through six months, and BabyBjörn carriers can be used from birth. Applauded by pediatricians and child psychologists, BabyBjörn’s high quality design properly supports your baby’s head, neck, spine and hips. And unlike similar products, once your baby can hold his/her head up, BabyBjörn carriers give you the option of carrying your baby facing you or facing out to the world. Moms and Dads alike appreciate the convenience, ease of use, and unisex styling of BabyBjörn carriers, while babies greatly benefit from the physical closeness, warmth and comfort that baby wearing allows.

Millions of parents around the world have relied on BabyBjörn baby carriers as a safe, convenient and comfortable way to transport their babies. In fact, BabyBjörn has carried over 30 million happy babies to date…and that number continues to grow each day.

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