What Do Parents Say?

Millions of parents around the world have enjoyed the wonderful benefits of BabyBjörn carriers. Read on to hear what some happy parents have to say.

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Lisa’s Testimonial

Lisa on July 12, 2012

My first daughter was born in 2007. I voraciously read up on strollers and started asking everyone I knew for recommendations on the best way to get around with a baby. I was told I “had” to get a BabyBjörn carrier. I still had many questions about safety and comfort: How do I know she won’t fall out? Will my back hurt? I did a test run with a friend’s baby and decided to get the BabyBjörn Active carrier. What a great decision. I rarely used my stroller and went everywhere with my daughter in the carrier. It was so easy to use. I was comfortable. She was comfortable. She loved being able to see everything “up high.” She could sleep when she needed. We rode the Metro. We went to the zoo. We took walks. I always had her in the carrier in stores—no carts to clean and two free hands—you can even use the bathroom! Eventually, I packed it away in hopes of a second baby. I bought many various “must haves” that didn’t warrant saving, but the BabyBjörn was a keeper.

Fast forward to 2011. Time for a little brother! When you have two children, the challenge is trying to keep up with both – and the BabyBjörn was a lifesaver. I actually have two slings and another soft carrier, but the BabyBjörn continued to be my first choice.

At this time, I started to see blurbs online about front-facing carriers being bad for a baby’s physical development. I take great pride in researching materials for my babies, and to say I was alarmed would be an understatement (I’m sure my husband would say I have a tendency to over-react). As parents I think it’s pretty universal that we want to do the best we can for our children, making sure anything and everything they use is safe. The thought that I had extensively used something that could be harmful to my children was very upsetting. I made sure to talk to our healthcare professional at my son’s well visit. I asked her what she thought of baby carriers. Always to the point, she said, “Great!”  I pressed on about these new claims about the BabyBjörn. (She knows me well - I can’t let things go.) She told me there was nothing to worry about. She asked if I was comfortable. Yes. She asked if my son was comfortable. Yes again. She asked if I actually thought there was a problem. I said “no, but…” Her response: no buts, there’s your answer. She made me laugh and reminded me to trust my instincts. I have two thriving children under five who have been happy occupants of our BabyBjörn carrier—and I’m planning on using it again if I’m lucky enough to have a third child. After heavy use, it’s still in great shape, ready to give another baby hours of fun rides, whether I use it myself or pass it on to a friend or my sister-in-law.