What Do Parents Say?

Millions of parents around the world have enjoyed the wonderful benefits of BabyBjörn carriers. Read on to hear what some happy parents have to say.

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Morgan’s Testimonial

Morgan on July 18, 2012

We love our BabyBjörn. We got it shortly before we had our son and it is still our go-to carrier. We did a lot of research before purchasing this product because it was very important that my son would be safe, happy, comfortable and secure. When he was a tiny newborn I was especially concerned about his hip safety so I made sure to ask my doctor about the safety of BabyBjörn and other front-facing carriers. She reassured me that use of a carrier would keep my little guy’s hips in the correct position for optimal development, and that all of the alleged stories of hip problems caused by carriers were just Internet rumors.

When we first started using the BabyBjörn, my son’s safety and happiness were immediately clear. He always felt so secure and didn’t fuss a bit. I loved the ease of being able to strap him onto me and go along with my daily routine. He would nap on and off, and periodically look up at me with his big blue eyes. I could tell he felt completely at ease knowing he was ‘close to Mom.’ My Husband loves the BabyBjörn too, and really appreciates its unisex design. (There were some carriers he refused to wear!) He and my son truly bond on their daily walks, and the forward facing position allows my son to be exposed to so many more exciting things. Our BabyBjörn creates a better baby life for our son…and for us!