What Do Parents Say?

Millions of parents around the world have enjoyed the wonderful benefits of BabyBjörn carriers. Read on to hear what some happy parents have to say.

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Ricci’s Testimonial

Ricci on July 12, 2012

As parents of 8-month old Jake, we learned quickly that our BabyBjörn carrier was an essential part of our every day lives. When I was pregnant, we wanted to find a carrier that would keep our baby safe, but would also be comfortable and flexible, as he grew bigger. Overwhelmingly, my grandmother, mother, cousins, friends and doctors all recommended BabyBjörn without hesitation as a trusted brand for a baby’s development and comfort. I knew it was something we just had to have.

Now, both my husband and myself wear our BabyBjörn carrier, and with a few quick adjustments we are able to have the carrier fit each of us - and Jake - perfectly. Even his grandparents have worn the BabyBjörn with Jake, and he loved it.  Not only does our BabyBjörn carrier create an incredibly close bond between our family, our son and us, it also allows for the flexibility of facing him in or out based on his needs and moods. Jake in particular likes to face outwards so he can interact with people and play with toys (and his food). He smiles and giggles so much more when he can see the world! And when he’s feeling tired, we can simply face him inwards for a quick nap.

We have family all over the U.S as well as overseas, so we travel a lot. Taking Jake through an airport in the BabyBjörn is the only way to go, no cumbersome stroller to get through a security screening. We even attached a cute photo of Jake on his first plane ride!

Jake is so happy when he’s in the BabyBjörn, and trust me he is not shy about telling us if he doesn’t like something. He’s comfortable, secure, and we see he is developing perfectly. In our minds, we didn’t even look at any other carrier because there was such an overwhelming trust in the BabyBjörn brand, and we couldn’t be pleased. Thank you BabyBjörn.